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June 2017

The Legal Risk of a Newsletter

by Alexandre Denault

I've been playing around with the idea of having a newsletter for a while now. I would love to be able to send all my readers an email when I post a new article. However, in an effort to fight spammers, regulation on sending bulk emails has gotten very strict. Although I understand the purpose, it places a huge burden on honest people wanting to manage a small mailing list.…



November 2016

PSA : Microsoft will not call you to warn you about a Virus

by Alexandre Denault, on Internet, Scam, Phone, Virus

This morning, I received a call from Microsoft Technical support. Caller > Good morning, I am calling from Microsoft Technical Support. The accent was thick, I didn't recognize the format of the phone number, and the caller hadn't identified himself by name. It's 10 seconds into the call and I already suspect this is a scam. Me > Oh my gosh, are you calling me to tell me I have…



November 2016

Tile : Never Lose Your Keys Again

by Alexandre Denault, on Bluetooth, Lost, InternetOfThings

Losing an object is a common occurrence : you dropped an item without noticing it and you can’t find it anymore. It happens to everyone. However, losing something as mundane as your car keys can be very expensive to replace. As such, there is a growing market for tracking devices. At the head of the pack is the Tile, another crowd-funded success story. In 2013, Tile started a crowd-funding campaign…



November 2016

Live-Streaming Conclusion : A lot more complicated than expected

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, Console, Charity, Children, Xbox, Twitch

As previous mentioned, I participated to Extra-Life, an event to raise funds for Opération Enfant Soleil. The cause raised a total of 6,653,220 USD, with 6,767 USD coming from my team (a big thanks to Ludia for doubling our fund raising effort). I'm very happy with the experience, but the streaming component turned out to be a lot more complicated than expected. Broadcasting it to the world…



November 2016