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April 2015

10 Years of Blogging

by Alexandre Denault, on Transformers, Hardware, Videogames, Movies, Linux, Blogs, Apple

Back in April 15, 2005, I wrote : Why would I have a blog? I’ve had different webpages since I’ve been on the Internet (around 1996). But times are changing. Personnal webpages are out, Blogs are in. What’s a guy to do? Four days latter, I wrote my first blog post, describing the importance of upgrading the BIOS on my new MSI K8T Neo2 motherboard. Today, I am…



April 2015

Collectible Inflation

by Alexandre Denault, on Skylanders, Toys, Transformers

In the last ten years, a disturbing phenomena has emerged regarding the price of toy collectible. Although not the first time mentioned, recent price inflations on Transformers and Skylander toys make it worth revisiting the issue. Nostalgia Sells In 1984, Hasbro introduces a Japanese toyline featuring transformable robots in America. Using a three-prong promotional strategy (TV, Comics and Toys), the series became an instant success. Over 30 years latter, Hasbro…



November 2010

Transformers, War for Cybertron

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, Console, PC, Transformers

Two weeks ago, I told my friends that we were living in a strange time: “We had two good games based on franchises, Batman and Transformers”. He agreed. There we have it, Transformers, War for Cybertron is pretty amazing. The first level just blew me away. The first rule of a Transformers game is that you should be able to transform anywhere. This game implements this to perfection. You never…



February 2009

Live action what?

by Alexandre Denault, on Transformers, GI Joe, Movies

2009 is gearing up to be an insane year for cartoon classic being re-released as live action movies. The Superbowl was nice enough to provide us with two very nice trailers. First is G.I.Joe. Quite similar to the original cartoon show, but now all the heroes are wearing X-men-like stealth suits. Second is Transformers. Of course, very little information has been released on which Transformer characters will be…



August 2008