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April 2015

Collectible Inflation

by Alexandre Denault, on Skylanders, Toys, Transformers

In the last ten years, a disturbing phenomena has emerged regarding the price of toy collectible. Although not the first time mentioned, recent price inflations on Transformers and Skylander toys make it worth revisiting the issue. Nostalgia Sells In 1984, Hasbro introduces a Japanese toyline featuring transformable robots in America. Using a three-prong promotional strategy (TV, Comics and Toys), the series became an instant success. Over 30 years latter, Hasbro…



November 2012

The Skylanders have returned!

by Alexandre Denault, on Console, Skylanders, Toys

One controversial game that hit store in fall 2011 was Skylanders. The best description I saw at that time was “Pokémon where you need to buy them all“. This fall, with the release of Skylander Giants, this still holds true. However, it turns out that is not a bad thing. The first Skylanders game, Spyro’s Adventure is a 3D platform game, not unlike previous Spyro games. It is available…