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August 2010

Value of points

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, IPad, Market

In our consumer market right now, the trend is to reward consumers for buying. Point cards, reward programs, it amounts to the same: the more you spend, the more rewards you get. But how much reward do you get? I’m thinking of buying an Ipad and I was wondering how my points can help. I am currently subscribed to Areoplan, Airmiles, Hbc rewards, Rbc rewards and Sears points. I’…



March 2010

iPad: It makes sense to me

by Alexandre Denault, on Market, iPad

I love my iPod Touch. I carry the little thing everywhere. The synchronization between its application and google apps (mail, contacts, calendar, etc.) is seamless, which is a huge bonus for me. I also get to carry all my music and pictures. I’m even writting this post using the wordpress application. For years, we have looked at the datapads in StarTrek TNG and scoffed, how can a computer be…



December 2009

Even more Good Old Games

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, PC, Market, Classics

Back in September 2008, I wrote about a new company called Good Old Games. They sell old games, DRM free, which is especially cool. This has become a very lucrative business. Last year, GoG started with only a few games, two of which were Freespace and Fallout. Today, is a great day for GoG, as it added Myst and Creature to it’s catalog. I’m not a big fan…



July 2009

No Pressure, Just Buy!

by Alexandre Denault, on PC, Market

Last week, I received a coupon from TigerDirect. I could save 20$ of my next 200$ purchase. The catch, the coupon expired in less than two days. I also received a similar deal from Dell. I could get great savings on computers, but only until the end of weekend ( less than two days ). Pressure sales are nothing new. Anybody who has shopped for a car will tell you that the…



January 2009

A Few Good Ways to Spend a Few Dollars

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, PC, Market

In North America, December 26th is considered Boxing Day. The day after Christmas, it features an insane amount of sales, many store clearing their Christmas stock at below cost. It’s a particularly crazy day to visit shipping mall, and the only day were you will see checkout queues online. Somewhere along the way, Boxing Day because Boxing Week, and sales continue up to January 2nd. This year, the most…