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April 2015

Amazon's Associate Program is Broken

by Alexandre Denault, on Amazon, Market, Blogs

Technodabbler, like many tech blogs, is a labor of love. Unfortunately, love does not pay hosting fees or other expenses. Ads are common for monetizing blogs, but they provide very little money unless the blogs has a large readership. They are also ugly as sin. An alternative method of financing are affiliate programs, where blogs receive a percentage of sales originating from their sites. For example, an article describing the…



March 2014

Sifteo Cubes : Success or Failure

by Alexandre Denault, on PC, Innovation, Market

Technological innovation is often a hit or miss business. For every successful product lies hundreds of failure in its wake. The business of innovation is a gold rush and only a select few will ever find gold. One such idea is the use of technology in toys. With components like LCD screens, LEDs, RFID chips, accelerometers and many others becoming more affordable, it is now feasible to design toys around…



August 2011

They’re Selling Videogames The Wrong Way …

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, Console, PC, Market

This article is inspired from the following article on Kotaku, where the authors describes the problems of buying comics on the iPad. At the same time, Dragon Age 2 is featuring a pre-pre-ordering purchase bonus, where you get a special DLC for free if you pre-order before a certain date. The model for selling videogames has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years. To purchase an Atari game,…



July 2011

MMOG from Old to New, and Still Addictive

by Alexandre Denault, on PC, Market, MMORPG, Guild Wars

Addiction: The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something. I started working on a similar post about 5 years ago, in 2006, as I started to play Guildwars. This game intrigued me, as it was a complete change for every MMOG I ever played. I started asking myself, what makes an MMO addictive? Why would someone spend so much time on a computer game?…



September 2010

Junior Developer of Infinite Knowledge and Power

by Alexandre Denault, on Jobs, Market, Web Development

I’ve posted about this before, but it always gets to me. As a grad students, I see a lot of job postings. After a while, you see a couple of these postings looking for a student with the following skillset: Requirements: Experience developing in Java or C++ Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX, AJAX Frameworks, and DOM technologies HTML and CSS MS SQL Server, ORACLE, or related RDBMS Excellent organizational…