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May 2014

The Value of a Graduate Degree in Industry

by Alexandre Denault, on Graduate Studies, Degree, Jobs

Why talk about graduate degrees in a technology blog? A few weeks ago, while at a recruting event for graduate students, a student walked up to my kiosk and stated in distain: "You don't do research, why would you hire a graduate student?" This question bothered me on several level. First, the student had decided that my company does not do "research", because we focus on video game development. Yet…



July 2011

iPad – How to get a job

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, Jobs, IPad, BlokPanic

Last summer, returning from Taiwan, I purchased a 3G iPad. My reasoning was simple: as my PhD was near completion, I wanted to find a job as a network programmer. I’ve found that it is always easier to get hired if you can show something. Having done a lot of Objective-C programming, I decided to do 2 things: create an iPod/iPhone game and release it on the App…



September 2010

Junior Developer of Infinite Knowledge and Power

by Alexandre Denault, on Jobs, Market, Web Development

I’ve posted about this before, but it always gets to me. As a grad students, I see a lot of job postings. After a while, you see a couple of these postings looking for a student with the following skillset: Requirements: Experience developing in Java or C++ Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX, AJAX Frameworks, and DOM technologies HTML and CSS MS SQL Server, ORACLE, or related RDBMS Excellent organizational…



July 2009

Gameboy Advance Development

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, Console, Jobs

Students sometime ask me what is the best way to get into the game development business? Well, if you want to become a developper, you can help yourself a lot by getting some development experience with consoles. The easier console to learn happens to be the Gameboy Advance (GBA) and there is a ridiculous amount of information available for it. Here are some of my favorite links. Note that GBA…



December 2008

Absurd Job Posting

by Alexandre Denault, on Jobs, Market, Web Development

Browsing today, I came across the following job posting. Startup looking for highly qualified students that are interested in an internship with the potential of full time hire at the end of the school year. We are a consumer focused Internet start up looking for a PHP programmer with previous experience working on high profile, complex websites. Please submit your resume Position would be an internship with an opportunity to…