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November 2016

PSA : Microsoft will not call you to warn you about a Virus

by Alexandre Denault, on Internet, Scam, Phone, Virus

This morning, I received a call from Microsoft Technical support. Caller > Good morning, I am calling from Microsoft Technical Support. The accent was thick, I didn't recognize the format of the phone number, and the caller hadn't identified himself by name. It's 10 seconds into the call and I already suspect this is a scam. Me > Oh my gosh, are you calling me to tell me I have…



May 2015

CloudFlare - Loading Faster

by Alexandre Denault, on Internet, Ghost, CDN

Last year, the development team for Ghost blog announced a partnership with Cloudflare. The goal was to improve the Ghost(Pro) infrastructure, making it faster and more secure. With a little tinkering, Cloudflare can be used with any Ghost blog. Technodabbler received this upgrade a couple of days ago. But what are these changes? What is CloudFlare? Reading up on the product, CloudFlare's CEO posted a great description on Quora.…



April 2009

Who is the world is Irina Ginsburg?

by Alexandre Denault, on Internet, Fraud, Sarcasm

I know that spam is a fact of Internet life, but sometimes, it’s ridiculous. In the last few days, I’ve received at least 3 of these per day. Hello ! My name is Irina Ginsburg. Soon i will be 27 years old. I am single girl and never be married before. I do not have children but I love children very much. If you want to correspond with me…



September 2005


by Alexandre Denault, on Internet, Fraud

It’s bad enough receiving 2 to 3 Ebay or Paypal scam every month, but now people are targetting ads on the McGill Classified Ads bulletin board. It all started when I posted an add to sell my ITX computer. Mini PC ITX, EPIA MII 10000 1Ghz, Memory 256MB PC2100/DDR266, 2.5″ 20GB Seagate Harddisk, DVD Toshiba Slim Drive, Morex 3688 casing ( 2.5″ x 8.25″ x 10.…