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November 2013



August 2011

This is why I’m Afraid of Making Indie Games

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, PC, Lawsuit, Scrolls, Bethesda, Indie, Fear

If you haven’t heard the news, Bethesda is complaining about the name of a card game from the makers of Minecraft, Scrolls. Even worse, they are sending in the lawyers. I like to work on indie game projects. The first that I released was BlokPanic, on the App Store. I have other game ideas, but I am always worried. It has become common practice for game developers to sue…



July 2011

iPad – How to get a job

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, Jobs, IPad, BlokPanic

Last summer, returning from Taiwan, I purchased a 3G iPad. My reasoning was simple: as my PhD was near completion, I wanted to find a job as a network programmer. I’ve found that it is always easier to get hired if you can show something. Having done a lot of Objective-C programming, I decided to do 2 things: create an iPod/iPhone game and release it on the App…



May 2011

Is That Rouge?

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, PC, Java, Network Programming

I like iOS development. I am actually starting to see some elegance in Objective-C, even thought it has the strangest syntax ever. So far, I’ve release BlokPanic. The next game, I want it to be multiplayer, possibly even massively multiplayer. The problem is that I need some server software. Currently, there are three big names in server software for the kind of game I want to make: SmartFox Server…



October 2010

Once Upon a Blok

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, Game Development, IPad, BlokPanic

I bought an iPod Touch about a year ago, at the same time the iPhone 3G and 3GS were becoming very popular. I couldn’t afford the iPhone, and the iPod Touch seemed like a reasonable compromise. I was impressed by the App Store and all the applications available on it. I immediately knew the platform had immense potential and I wanted to be part of that. When I was…