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April 2015

Amazon's Associate Program is Broken

by Alexandre Denault, on Amazon, Market, Blogs

Technodabbler, like many tech blogs, is a labor of love. Unfortunately, love does not pay hosting fees or other expenses. Ads are common for monetizing blogs, but they provide very little money unless the blogs has a large readership. They are also ugly as sin. An alternative method of financing are affiliate programs, where blogs receive a percentage of sales originating from their sites. For example, an article describing the…



October 2011

Kindle Fire is running Android 2.1 ???

by Alexandre Denault, on Android, Tablet, Kindle, Amazon

Amazon is set to shake up the tablet world with its new Kindle Fire tablet. At 199$, it’s an amazing little device with a 7″ inch screen and a dual core processor. I’m not sure if I am a fan of Amazon Silk web browser, which renders web pages using the Ec2 cloud. Seems to me like a privacy issue waiting to happen. My biggest surprise is that…