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April 2016

Steel Stratus XL

by Alexandre Denault, on Console, iPad, iPod, Apple, Controller

Game controllers for mobile devices are a strange compromise : they offer superior controls in games while severely impacting the “mobility” aspect of mobile devices. Regardless, some games just cannot be played on a touch screen. If you are using an Apple device, you’ll need an mFi controller. Those shopping around for a game controller should take a look at the Steel Series Stratus XL, which offers a solid game…



March 2016

Nvidia Shield Portable

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, Android, Console, Nvidia, Shield, Controller

The Nvidia Shield Portable is a wonderful little Android machine. Released by Nvidia in 2013, it was the first Android device to use Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor. Even more importantly, it was the first device to integrate Nvidia's new streaming technology, allowing a player to stream a game either from his PC or from the the Internet using Nvidia Grid (recently renamed to Nvidia Now). The device was release as…



January 2016

Dell PowerEdge T20 : Simple Home Server Solution

by Alexandre Denault, on PC, Hardware, Linux, Dell, Server

A server is a computer decided to providing one or more services. In the case of home offices, the most common type would be the file server : a computer dedicated to storing and sharing files. Server hardware is typically designed to be more robust than regular computer hardware, mostly because they operate continuously and safeguard important data. This type of hardware if often costly, bulky and fairly noisy. The Dell…



January 2016

Chroma Squad, a must for Sentai fans

by Alexandre Denault

In 1993, North America was introduced to the Super Sentai phenomena through the Power Ranger live action television series. The core concept of a Super Sentai show is that a taskfoce of heroes are given powers (and giants robots) to fight evil. In the case of Power Rangers, the heroes are most often teenagers with attitude. Twenty-one years latter, Power Rangers is still being produced and is a cultural icon…



December 2015

Steam Link and Controller

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, PC, Review, Steam

Streaming, at least for computers, is the continuous delivery of media from a provider: only the content you need is transmitted. Although streaming is mostly associated with music and movies, streaming technologies for video games have been gaining popularity. In essence, you play a game on a device, but the game itself is located on another device. Streaming has been an integral components of Steam's Big Picture mode, which aims…